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Update Summer of 2010:

We are asking that all TBW members please let us know of any areas experiencing speeding issues so that we can address those issues.  Once an area has been identified, we will request a speed trailer be placed on that street, followed by a petition requesting additional attention that will be turned in to the Columbus Department of Transportation for their evaluation.  The Columbus Department of Transportation will then request that an officer sit on that street and write tickets to any violators.  This is a lengthy process, but one that is necessary in many areas if we are going to resolve the speeding issues.

Speeding Issues: 

Aplin:  At this time the city will not place speed bumps on Aplin.  Their reasons consist they are a waste of money, snow plows can't plow the snow, and they are ineffective.  They have also indicated that any "slow, children at play" signs are also not effective. Speed detection monitors have two effects: they either cause people to slow down temporarily (only when they are there) or they cause them to speed up in an attempt to see how fast they can go in that short of a distance.  Either way, in our case the monitor does not actually help us to catch or deter individuals from speeding.  Due to low manning and lack of incidents, it is not an option or cost efficient to have an officer monitor the street. 

Ambarwent/Arrowsmith:  We are aware of speeding issues on these streets and are trying to come up with more creative ways to handle the speeding issues.  Speed bumps are not an option, but if anyone has any other ideas we will explore those options.

Bennell:  Due to speeding issue on Bennell and the ineffectiveness of speed bumps on this street, stop signs are being considered.  By placing a stop sign at Bennell & Deepwood and Bennell & Arrowsmith, we will be forcing individuals to slow down and preventing them enough time to build up speed.  The same approach may be taken on some of the other problem streets.

General:  I have personally seen other individuals, mostly teens or younger adults, speeding down the streets and I think many of these are visitors with only a few actually living in the sub division.  In this case, we need to remind residents that if they see their friends or neighbor's friends speeding, let those individuals know that they need to slow down.  In addition, we will continue to pursue speed bumps for each subdivision in the problem areas. 

School Buses:  I have not personally seen the busses speeding so I can't tell if this concern is caused because larger engines tend to make it sound as though buses, vans and delivery trucks are traveling faster than they really are.  Because of this, the speed concern may not be an issue for the school or because of the school.  When we determine more details on this issue, they will be addressed with the appropriate individuals.

Gender Road:  Please see the following message from Officer Poole as it relates to his correspondence with the City of Columbus related to speeding issues along Gender Rd.

"In the past year I’ve received a number of complaints about the number of accidents on Gender Rd. and upon receiving feed back from patrol, after evaluating the traffic pattern and receiving the number of calls for service on 2009 Auto Crashes it is very evident that patrol officers are being tied up on taking reports and unable respond to other calls for service, not to mention the severity of accidents.  2009 there were 97 calls for services on Injury Auto Crashes and 247 calls for services on Non-Injury Auto Crashes.  I was advised that there has to be an official traffic study and the recommendation has to be approved by the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation.  I also was advised that complainants need to call 311 and advise 311 operators that there is an increase of vehicle / pedestrian traffic and with the current speed limit it has increased the frequency and severity of Accidents."


Officer Poole

SRB – CLO 14pct

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