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How Do I? - Most Commonly Asked Questions


-Call 911 for:

·     Any immediate threat to a person's life

·     Any fire situation 

·     Any crime in progress

·     Any "unknown" type of situation

-Use 645-4545 to call the Police:

·     If it is not an emergency

·     If a crime has been committed, but is no longer in progress

·     To report a suspicious vehicle or person(s) 

Below is some additional/helpful information that we learned in the Citizens Police Academy as it pertains to calling 645-4545 and 911:

·     If you call 645-4545 and need police assistance, you can by-pass the automated options by immediately pressing "4".  This saves time and gets you directly to the dispatchers.

·     Unless someone is in immediate danger, under an immediate threat
or there was an immediate personal emergency, 645-4545 is the number you need to call.

·     Both 645-4545 and 911 operators run on the same computer system, using the same screens and are located in the same room, at different work stations.  This allows them to communicate and view the status of all calls within the city that are holding.

·     If you call 645-4545 and the dispatcher sees that the call needs to be elevated to 911 status, they will do that on the spot.  They will not put you on hold, and they will not have you call back.

·     If you call 911 and the call is not of 911 status, they will transfer you to 645-4545, so that a 911 line is not tied up.

·     If there are no available 911 lines, the system used by the City of Columbus immediately rolls the 911 call to the next 645 line as a 911 call.

·     If a call to CPD is of a 911 call status, you will NEVER be put on hold.

·     There are up to 20 dispatchers on the floor and there is an overhead assignment screen (just like an airport flight monitor) that shows which work stations, lines, and who in the room is/are set up in the roll for 911 and which are on 645.

·     If you request a police cruiser, dispatch is REQUIRED to send one. 

·     If there is an incident in your area and/or the CPD chopper is overhead, even after CPD is on scene, you as a concerned citizen have the ability to call 645-4545, to find out what is going on.

·     If you call CPD to report an incident, you as a citizen have the ability to call back later and request to know the outcome of the incident.



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